Senior Embedded QNX Developer
Senior Embedded QNX Developer
Unikie OÜ
Senior Embedded QNX Developer

Senior Embedded QNX DeveloperUnikie OÜ

Are you an embedded developer who wants to build something from scratch, for one of the coolest car companies in the world? We are now hiring two teams of 10 senior Linux embedded developers to skyrocket their creative abilities with the most popular automotive OS: QNX. We are Finland’s top rated IT company (this year) and have moved to Estonia over the Summer.

Unikie ( originally from Finland with offices in Germany, Poland, the US, Sweden, and now Estonia. We are a software product company, building our own software products in R&D while also working projects with our customers. Our core expertise includes embedded development and advanced prototyping in automotive, telecom and Edge AI and real-time data.

We have over 400 employees worldwide with an ‘engineering first’ business approach. This means we listen to our engineers and develop products suggested internally, and seek customer projects in the same manner. Our employees have the autonomy and technical leadership to take our company forward at a rapid pace. Our plan in Estonia is to hire 100 people from now until one year from now.

A leading German car manufacturer has hired us to port QNX to their environment for a 2+ year migration project. (After that, we have other Linux oriented projects in Autonomous drive already lining up.) As the leading IT company in Finland with cutting edge tech for Automotive, we are positioned to expand across Europe to meet the demands and next-level challenge of this collaboration. We now have immediate openings to hire 10-20 leading embedded experts in C, C++, with QNX and automotive platform experience.

What is the Job?
Thanks in part to the last two years of our close relationship with said confidential German car manufacturer, we have now been tasked by them to port QNX to new HW, porting the AUTOSAR stack, making sure it’s working from the safety point of view. You’ll adapt some middleware but its primarily all kernel and driver level adaptation. You will work on a team of 10 other like-minded expert level embedded developers. If architecture or component integration is more your interest, you can do that instead.

5 or more years experience in embedded development
C or C++ core expertise
In depth knowledge of QNX configuration work and build management, architecture, etc (all low level Kernel style, we are not so interested in application level QNX)
Automotive Industry experience
Knowledge of product safety and security

Please apply here with your English CV, or send that along with cover letter to with the subject entitled ‘QNX in Estonia’. We look forward to meeting you!

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