IT-Support Specialist (Finnish speaking)
Fujitsu Estonia AS
IT-Support Specialist (Finnish speaking)
Fujitsu Estonia AS
IT-Support Specialist (Finnish speaking)
Fujitsu Estonia AS

IT-Support Specialist (Finnish speaking)

Fujitsu Estonia AS

Our Service Desk team is in search of a Finnish speaking Technical Support Specialist.

The Service Desk department is an integral part of our prestigious Fujitsu Finland, recognized as the leading service desk in the Nordic countries. Our team comprises 150 dedicated professionals committed to providing exceptional support for large corporation employees with IT-related queries.

If you are interested in joining our team, we would expect you to have the following competencies:

  • proficiency in Finnish and English;
  • a desire to deliver an outstanding customer service experience;
  • a readiness to acquire new knowledge and skills;
  • competency in using office software including MS Office programs (Outlook, etc.).

Please note, the programs and skills necessary for servicing business clients will be acquired through our training program and on-the-job learning.

When you join us, you're receiving more than a mere position:

  • necessary training and a comprehensive on-boarding program;
  • you will become part of a closely-knit, collaborative team;
  • we will give your IT career a boost, allowing you to develop your technical knowledge with the potential to advance from a specialist to an expert role;
  • the opportunity to work from a home office;
  • work-life balance;
Additional benefits such as extra leave days starting from the second year of employment, health insurance or sports compensation, and additional sickness benefit, etc.

Your role within our team will be to resolve the clients IT issues swiftly and efficiently.  
If you wish to learn more about who we are, what we do, our values, and the day-to-day life in the Service Desk department, click here for more information:

The journey to joining our organization, i.e., the application process, involves:

  1. application submission CV
  2. an online interview with our Team Leader
  3. an introduction day at our Service Desk department
  4. if both parties agree to proceed, we will send you a job offer.
  5. Welcome to Fujitsu Estonia!

Fujitsu Estonia values diversity and inclusion. We believe that the uniqueness of each individual enriches our team. With us, everyone is valued, and there is no room for discrimination. All candidates, regardless of their background, are welcome and appreciated.

Fujitsu Estonia Service Desk department as an employer

Our workers are professionals who place a high value on well-functioning teamwork. Together we overcome obstacles, achieve results, and celebrate our victories. We recognise one another and are proud of our workers. Our positively minded expert team is ready to help and support you. In our team we follow the principles of lean, which ensure smoothness of cooperation. We listen to and trust one another. As people we come from different backgrounds: younger and older, marathon runners, folk dancers, friends of nature and much more. This allows us to see life from different perspectives and adds colour to our activities. You will be sure to find your place with us. We welcome your thoughts and ideas.
BrutokuupalkBruto kuusAlates  € 1600

Lisahüved: 7 additional paid vacation days, remote work and technical equipment for setting up your home office, sports and health compensation or healt insurance, additional sick leave compensation.


    Tallinn, Harjumaa, Eesti
    Sepise 7


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Hanni Tomingas
+372 57702330
Fujitsu is an international company that offers high-quality, full IT service both to local and international clients. This means that Fujitsu offers workplace management, including IT customer support, software services and development, and hardware maintenance and repair.
We have been active in Estonias IT sphere since 1991. That was the year when Estonia got its first internet connection to the outside world (via satellite, connecting Tallinn and Stockholm), and its new Constitution went into effect. Therefore we can say that we have plenty of experience on the market. Among its achievements, Fujitsu has developed an up-to-date train service management system for Elron, created the E-residency Digi-ID procedure system, and established the first three versions of the secure Data Exchange Layer X-Road.

Fujitsu Estonia as an employer
People are at the core of innovation. Our enterprise has a diverse and professional team working in the name of smart technical innovations. The values that unite us are a flexible attitude, cooperation and sustainability. We are a secure, broadly-based international IT enterprise, where one can enlarge one's outlook and feel safe professionally. Japanese roots and cultural heritage have taught us to value long-term relations. Our work has meaning. Our activities make the world a better place for everyone. With you we will direct future society with the help of technology.

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